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May 23, 2008


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[this is good] Awesome! I'm so happy they featured a couple of your themes, you really deserve it!


[this is good] Thank you again for graciously allowing us to use your beautiful designs on Vox! It will be a little while before they show up on LJ and TypePad, but we're working on it! Thanks again and have a wonderful weekend!


[this is good] Congratulations

Steve Betz

[this is good] Great job! You really do have a knack for it!


Thank you so much! **blushes**


You're very welcome! And thank you for selecting my themes! I understand that there will be a delay before the themes are incorporated into LJ and TypePad, but I just had to show how much I appreciated being able to share my designs with a larger user base.


Thank you! :)


Thank you so much! :D


Yes, it takes us a little longer to get themes into LJ and TypePad. It's super easy to build out themes on Vox, so we start there, then port them over to LJ and TypePad. You'll start seeing more of your themes in the coming weeks. I hope you're feeling better by the way!

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