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May 19, 2010


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[this is good] yup - there is too much negative attitudes on those who suffer from anxiety or depression disorders. people still get blamed for their condition.
if only i could convince my PIL about this. but they can continue thinking that i am weak if that makes them feel better about themselves. i give up trying. :p i figure i should just save the energy on myself rather then a loss cause.


I'm still trying to convince myself not to think so poorly of myself for having anxiety, panic attacks and major depression. A talk with my family doctor today reminded me that my brain is simply wired differently. I'm going to try a mood stabilizer that may help quiet down those misfiring neural connections. I hope it helps.I'm sorry your in-laws are like that. Having to deal with such insensitive and competitive people can make managing a mental disorder that much more difficult. I wish insensitive people would realize that they need to work on their attitudes as much as we need to work on our disorders. However, to use their reasoning, if we could snap out of our disorder, then they should also be able to snap out of their insensitivity.You are right, our energy is better spent focusing on ourselves.

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